Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A little description on what I'm looking for and where this project is heading:

Short stories, anecdotes, phrases based on your experience as a South Asian female.
They can be as long and as short as you want but preferably not exceeding 750 words.

They can be happy or sad, funny or upsetting and anything in between.
They will remain anonymous, unless you want them not to be.
Names, locations etc can be changed - that is up to you.
You don’t have to worry about ho...w the story, anecdote etc is written; I will take care of that.
I’m hoping to receive all stories before March 13.
After March 13 I will begin to put the book together.
All my books will be published before May 9.
Once I have collected enough stories, I want to interview the women who have taken part (this is your choice) and dig a little deeper.
I will then contact newspapers and radios stations and hopefully create podcasts and columns for them to share with their followers.

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