Saturday, 8 February 2014

Artist Statement

As a young British Pakistani Muslim female I have experienced an interesting upbringing and my practice has become influenced by this. My British culture has allowed me to experience the western world enabling me to express myself. Britain has seen many changes throughout the decades and has taken a giant leap into expressing equality in gender, race, sexuality and religion with only the backlash of very small minorities. Britain isn’t perfect but it has bought to light the difference between itself compared to the developing country that my upbringing has had major influence from. Pakistan is still growing. Many conflicts exist within the societies that are not being as challenged as much as I feel they should be. I have grown up understanding the difference of the roles male and females play within Pakistani culture. In comparison to western society where men and women are seen to be equal, some Pakistani societies show a clear difference between male and female equality. Men are solely seen as the bread winners and women as child bearing housewives. Although I am seeing some changes within the Pakistani culture I feel that this is an area that needs to be challenged further. In addition to this my work has begun to take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.
My work represents my personal view. I am not expressing views by others or stating that this is what others are thinking.

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