Sunday, 9 February 2014

More from my book:

Chapter 8 



A thief entered a house. They tied everything up and were going to leave. A little boy woke up. He turned to the thieves and said if you don’t take my school bag I’ll scream and wake everyone up.

Oh, what I didn’t hear it.

A robber came into the kids’ house.

Oh, I get it now... I get it! The robber was stealing stuff, kid woke up and said take my school bag too or I’ll wake everyone up...I know!

Hina. A wife said to her husband: tomorrow is Christmas, last Christmas you got my Mum a metal chair. What are you going to do this year? The husband replied: this year I’m going to but an electric current through the chair.

Sooo something Dad would say.

Mum, Dad hasn’t called me back.

Who, who’s playing Hina?

Manchester..... Errrr.... a team in England and a team in Spain. Where our cousin lives, the one who got arrested.

Dads got Giff Gaff now and I told him its free Giff Gaff to Giff Gaff and he’s like well then I’m going to call you all the time now.


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